Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is
We are a restaurant marketing and advertising website that focuses on high-resolution photos, informational videos, virtual menus and social network advertising. We strive to show only the best, most up to date information on restaurants in your area. Important dining info such has hours, specials and promotions can all be found easily in one place. We can be found on-line or on your mobile device.

2) I don't own a restaurant. Can I have a profile?
Yes. With a user profile you can do things like bookmark restaurants that you would like to try, want to remember to go back to or share with your friends. Get updates from your bookmarked restaurants with new menu items, specials and promotions.

3) I own a restaurant. How do I use
Start by claiming your restaurant's already established general listing page. Can't find a general listing page for your restaurant? Sign up today and start your restaurant's profile from scratch. For no cost you can start to upload your own pictures, videos and specials.

4) I have claimed my restaurant's profile page but don't have enough content to maximize my visibility. How can I get more content?
Let us help you! Our experienced marketing team can help you get high-resolution pictures and videos produced and uploaded today. With our How We Work page we outline the multiple options that can get your restaurant noticed.

5) Does allow customers to post reviews of my restaurant?
No. At we give the business owner the opportunity to market their restaurant without the interference from 3rd party sources.

6) Do I need to have a video to be registered with
No. Your restaurant can have a general listing with your basic contact information. Your restaurant will have basic exposure and your information will be uploaded to Google, Bing and Yahoo Daily.

7) Does have a video production service?
Yes. can arrange to have a professional production team film a video to best represent your restaurants food and atmosphere.

8) How do I advertise with
There are multiple ways that can get your restaurant noticed online. With our knowledgeable sales staff we can recommend the best way to drive new customers to your restaurant. Contact our sales staff for more information on how to get your restaurant noticed. Sales Department.

9) Can I upload a video of my own to my profile on
Yes. The goal of is to drive customers to your restaurant. Please upload your video to your account and our video approval department will review it within 2 weeks. Please allow time for our approval, we have many submissions daily for restaurants worldwide. To check on status of your video approval please email our approval department. Please do not email more than once a week. Again, we are working as quickly as possible to get your video HOPPING!!

10) Can I link my videos on to my restaurant's personal website or other social media outlets such as facebook and twitter?
Yes. With the use of an embedded code provided by you will be able to link your restaurant's videos to almost any website.

11) How long will my videos be posted on
Your videos are part of an overall marketing plan to drive awareness to your customers. The videos attached to your profile are completely controlled by the registered owner of the profile and our video approval department. You control the content. Only what you want to show your audience is viewable.

12) My restaurant currently does not have a website. Can I still have a video on
Yes. This is the best time to make sure you have a video with us. This is your best opportunity to show potential customers why they should dine at your restaurant without the costly charges of designing a website on your own. You also will be submitted to hundreds of search engines and gain tons of exposure.

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13) Why do I want a video of my restaurant on
Video advertisements (commercials) have been proven to be the most successful way to reach a large audience and inform them about a business. There is no other place on the Internet that allows only the restaurant industry to produce, provide and display commercials. We provide you a hungry audience, ready to find restaurants, coupons, and great places to be.

14) Can I display coupons, promotions and discounts on my profile?
Yes. With our affordable and simple to use pay-per-click system you can promote your restaurant, sell as many coupons as possible and keep all the profits. This is a great way to see how many customers are viewing your restaurant and drive traffic to your establishment.